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Finding Roof Leaks

Having been In the roofing business for over 30 years, sometimes the hardest thing to do is locate and fix the source of a leak. Many times I will arrive at a house, the homeowner will show me the stains in their ceiling and with a frustrated voice say “Ive been trying to fix this leak for years”. They will tell of the guy or guys that came by and “fixed” the leak only to have it return. Of course it only returns after they fix and paint the ceiling. This can make you pull your hair out.

Once I get on the roof, I inevitably see patches of roofing cement liberally smeared like cream cheese on a bagel wherever the “roofer” thinks the leaks is. He comes down off the roof and confidently tells the homeowner “all fixed”. He collects his fee, usually between $100-$150 dollars, and off he goes.

A few rains storms without a leak, the homeowner feels confident that he can now get rid of that eyesore on his living room ceiling. He either does the work himself or hires someone.

Some time passes and the roofing cement starts to dry out. The band aid is failing and the roof starts to leak again. How frustrating.

If this story sounds familiar, or you want to avoid this scenario, please give us a call. We will properly diagnose the issue and do warrantied repairs. If we do not think the roof is repairable, we will tell you that. Better you hear the truth, even if its bad news before you spend good money on a roof that is beyond repair.

We serve all of Long Island and look forward to solving your roofing problems.